Professional interests

Currently i am working in a cloud environment providing managed hosting services. This includes, but is not limited to, hosting Altassian Software products like Jira and Confluence.

My experience with ansible and cloud environments like openstack offer me the posibility to get the best value for our customers. Almost everything i do is fully automated and standardized.

I have years of expierience with openstack, ansible, ceph and linux in general.

One of my leading principles is, if it can be automated, automate it. Repeatable tasks are boring, but are the majority of my work. So i solve this by doing it automatically. This adds a new way of thinking and a new high of productivity.

Also i am quiet privacy concious which causes me to host almost everything myself.

Selfhosted Stuff

  • Mailserver (Mailcow)
  • IRC Client
  • Different Webservers
  • Home Automation (Home-assistant)
  • gittea
  • Fully automated public ubuntu mirror (Archive Release)

Private interests

I always look out for new geeky gadgets i can play around with and extend my home automation with. Currently i am using home assistant with several zigbee lights and “smart” plugs. I try to be an active part of the community and also contribute to several opensource projects.

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